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"It takes a realistic self-perception

- to choose the right job

- to develop yourself

- to change!"

Ann C.


Personality & IQ Test

The personality test, People Test Person, measures:

  • 33 personality traits/behavioural traits
  • Six team roles
  • Motivation, organisational needs and preferences etc.

The test result and feedback thereby provides you with a detailed picture of your resources to implement change and develop as well as it uncovers the parts of your personality that tend to counteract.

An executive summary of the test results will be sent to you by email.

The intelligence test, People Test Logic, measures eight characteristics of your intelligence. Ann C. provides you with recommendations on how to utilise your strengths and overcome your blind spots. Your IQ and learning curve will reveal your potential.

Ann C’s personal feedback on the test results – over Skype – will give you a profound insight and a valuable tool to kick-start your personal development process.

To get more information or buy the tests please fill in the contact form.


- Personal Insight & Action Plan to Implement Change

A three-month’s development process - based on your test results - includes:

  • A development analysis with an overview of your resources, questions to reflect upon and exercises to support your development
  • An personal development action plan in line with your current professional and private roles
  • Weekly mail-correspondence to help you maintain the focus and momentum of the process
  • Monthly follow-up-meetings - over Skype - with facilitation of exercises and training tools
  • Ann C. as your personal change coach throughout the entire development process
  • Tools to effectively change your mind-set and strengthen your self-confidence
  • Practical exercises to help you anchor changes and increase your personal power

Even after a few week's development process, clients experience remarkable results, increased energy and more joy in their daily life while their inner impostor shrinks and they unfold their potential.

To get more information please fill in the contact form.