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Lecturer & Author

Ann C. Schødt
Profile & Recommendations

Professional experience
Human Resource Development 
  • Since 1999 working professionally with personality and intelligence tests, recruitment, career counseling and individual development
  • Since 2012 dedicated to help the 10% most intelligent and/or highly sensitive persons to:
    - develop their potential
    - overcome the impostor phenomenon
    - become leaders in their own lives

Human Resource Management & Change
  • 6 years of management experience as member of national and cross national management teams within general management and Human Resources, along with personnel management of one-five persons
  • Solid experience in facilitating organisational changes through visible leadership, effective communication and facilitating workshops 

International Experience 
  • Employments in American, Italian and British owned companies, working as Scandinavian and Nordic HR Manager for several years with colleagues from many different countries and cultures
  • Used at communicating in English on a daily basis orally as well as in writing, speaking Swedish and understanding Italian
Lecturer, Blog-writer & Author
Speaking and writing about how to develop and use the potential of the human resources - especially the 10% most intelligent - for the mutual benefit of the individual, the company and society in general.

Bachelor Degree in Organisation & Leadership
Copenhagen Business School, Human Resources, excellent achievement final project about "Motivational Management", 2005

Commercial College Degree in Innovation
Niels Brock Business College, excellent achievements in Creative Problem-solving, Team-building & final project in innovation, 2000

Ann C Schoedt Photo: Birger Storm

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Read it online:
"Need-based HR-Leadership - the Needs of the Company & the Human Resources"
Danish Psychological Publisher, 2010
In Swedish, Liber, 2012.

  • PeopleTestPerson, PTP, PeopleTestLogic, PTL & Team Optimisation,
    People Test Systems, 2009 & 2010
  • OPQ 32, Competence Cards & Verify, SHL Group, 2008 & 2011
  • Master Personality Analysis & Team Analysis, Master Management, 2003 & 2004
  • Reflector/The Graph & "Omtankeprøven" (IQ-test), Wingmanager, 2000
  • "Bidrag til Bedømmelse" (Personality test) & "Erhvervsrettet testning" (ethical guidelines in professional testing), Dansk Management Forum, 1999
CSR, Network etc.
  • Frequent collector and contributor to several charity organisations
  • Founder & facilitator of the two Danish Linkedin-groups "Need-based HR Leadership" in 2011 & "Network for Gifted Grown-ups" in 2012
  • Founder of "Mutual Development Group for Gifted Grown-ups" in 2010
  • Mentor in Danish HRM Association, 2009-2013
  • Volutary work in Bagsvaerd Football Club since 2009
  • Practising meditation every day since March 2013
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